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A Special Announcement from Rev. Mark Anthony Lord

By August 3, 2014September 10th, 2014News, Videos

To my beloved Bodhi!

It is with so many emotions that I share I have made the prayerful and difficult decision to release my position as Sr. Minister. My last Sunday will be Aug. 31. I have felt a call from within to expand into a new passion which has truthfully had my heart since before Bodhi ever came to be. I am here to help heal the world of homophobia and so I must answer that call. I am birthing a global online community called Pride 2.0.

Bodhi is a fantastic place that has always caused people to take courageous steps towards their dreams and purpose. This is one of the things I love most about Bodhi — it brings out the best in people and gives them the spiritual foundation to soar! A part of me thought I was teaching that for all of you — I assumed I was already there. Ha! No, none of us are “already there” … we are all expanding and growing and expanding and surrendering and then being lovingly pushed off the next cliff so that bigger and more powerful wings can open.

I love Bodhi so much, which has made this such a difficult decision. As I reflect, I have been feeling like a square peg in a round hole for quite some time, and some of you have had the pleasure of trying to work with me inside that discomfort (thank you — you are angels), but I just didn’t want to see that it was my turn. “Me? … why do I have to go?” Can you relate to that? The answer is simply, “because it is your time.”

Because it is my time, it is always and must be Bodhi’s time to grow and become whatever is amazing and right for you — the community. I am 100% certain that the next chapter in Bodhi’s life will be better than anything that has happened. I feel so excited, thrilled really, for what is possible now for you and your beloved community.

Your Core Council has appointed an interim Spiritual Council of three amazing and dedicated Licensed Spiritual Practitioners. Community member Joan Coletto, Staff Member Kim Revere and Executive Director Lola Wright have served this community for a combined 29 years. Bodhi beats in the hearts of these three dear friends and amazing leaders. I have absolute confidence in their ability to anchor the spiritual foundation and well being of Bodhi during this transition.

For now, it is time for us to come together to share, love, laugh, cry, dream … maybe even have a tantrum! It’s all welcome at Bodhi because WE built a community that is so anchored in God — we know that all emotions are perfect and good, driving us home to our hearts.

Please join me Aug. 10, 17, 24 for heart-centered conversations from 12:45 – 2p in the Sanctuary. And then Aug. 31 at 10a — well, let’s just get together and have the time of our lives!!!

Remember, NOTHING absolutely NOTHING happens in God that is wrong or unacceptable. It is only fear that makes it so — and fear is not our God. Our God is freedom! Let us worship that God with so much passion and JOY that we are all awakened to our grandest purpose! There is so much that Bodhi is here to be and do — and it needs you. This is your time to step up, declare it as your home, and give yourself fully to it. More than ever before — Bodhi needs you!

Will I ever come back? You betcha! You can’t get rid of me! I LOVE BODHI! I just need to go and expand — but I’ll be back, hopefully to speak, and teach, and dance, and sing, and laugh, and love, and reflect, and grow … and be together! I don’t know when, and that’s not important — I just know my heart wants to be able to come back from time to time — just like all of us get to!

All my love! Rev. MAL

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Bodhi is a conscious community in Chicago, IL. We offer in person and online experiences for people who are ready to transform themselves and their world. Bodhi uses media, education, entertainment, and like-minded community to support transformation.


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